The wildest love I have ever experienced

The world blames me if I love him

As if I created and invented love

As if I painted the cheeks of the roses

As if I had taught the bird in the sky

And in the wheat fields I planted it

And in the sea water has dissolved it

As if I was the one who was a beautiful moon in the sky and suspended it

The world blames me if I name the one I love or I remember

As if I am the Hui and his mother and sister in terms of what I have seen

Different from everything I have known

It’s different from everything I’ve read and everything I’ve heard

If I had known that it was an addiction, I would not have been addicted

If I had known that it was a very profitable door, I would not have opened it

If I knew it was a stick from the match, I wouldn’t have lit it

This passion is the fiercest love I have ever experienced, so let me when it came to me

His hands to me .. I echoed it

And if he had killed me before … I killed him

This idiom that I see at night .. I see it in my dress

And in my perfume and in my bracelets I see it drawn on the face of my hand

I see him engraved on my feelings. If they told me that he was a child of great fun and noise I would not have entered him and that he would break the glass in my heart I would not have left it. If they had told me that he would set fire in minutes, I would have

Oh dear, whom God has satisfied with me .. since I loved him the most wonderful love I have lived, let me when he came to me as a visitor with flowers I folded

I wish that when he came to me crying, doors opened for him his kiss ….

My wife donated one of her kidneys to a stranger this morning.

“هذا الرجل -المريض لفترة طويلة -سيحصل على كلية ستغير حياته. كلية من زوجتي نحن لا نعرف شيئاً عن هذا يروي جيف بيرلمان على مدونته اليوم الذي تبرعت فيه كاثرين، زوجته، بأحد كليتيها لشخص غريب.

My wife donated one of her kidneys to a stranger this morning.
إنشاء موقع مجاني على ووردبريس.كوم